Who is conducting your yearly checks? - Padma Coram
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Who is conducting your yearly checks?

Who is conducting your yearly checks?

Time For Check Up Concept Clock


And no, I’m not talking about your bank account or car. The point is, it’s not just your bank account that needs it’s yearly checks – your life does too. And it’s when this doesn’t happen that things start to unravel.

A yearly check doesn’t mean making sure that everything in your life is going perfectly. In fact, that kind of perfectionist mentality ends up putting more pressure on us. It simply means keeping the balance between the perception of how you think you’re feeling and the reality of how you’re actually feeling in check.

The most pressing issues we have with ourselves happen without us even realising. And just because we don’t see it happening, doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Something I’ve always said to myself is, ‘you cannot do your own surgery’. You may know that you have a broken arm, but are you able to fix it yourself? Of course not. In the same way, you may know what your problems are, but it’s impossible for you to be able to solve them all yourself.
I try to be the person that conducts my clients’ yearly checks; the person that assesses their lifestyles and keeps the balance in order, so they don’t have to. At the end of the day, an extra set of eyes is better than one.