Testimonials - Padma Coram
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I’m lucky enough to have worked with some incredible people, from those who are known around the globe to inhabitants of labour camps in the UAE.

Below is what some of them say about me.


“Padma is a great combination of the East and West. She is authentic and proactive and makes working together friendly and effortless.  I recommend Padma. She is a Champion.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra (www.deepakchopra.com)

A well-known Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Times Magazines’ 100 most influential people in the world. 


“Padma is a Goddess! She is the foremost expert in the field of energy, chakra’s and unlocking their true power! She is authentic, powerful and gets magical results! Do whatever you can to get near her. She will help you find power, grace within yourself; that need to be unlocked! Stop living below your purpose, start living in your highest self and highest purpose!”

Marc Von Musser (www.tonyrobbins.com)

Former Director of Coaching and Training, Tony Robbins


“I have seen Padma in action. Padma is very influential and successful amongst royalty and is passionate and well versed in her area of expertise.”

Dr. Mathai (www.soukya.com

Owner of Integrated Medical Centre, Personal and Private Homeopathic Doctor for HM King Charles III and Camilla Queen consort of the UK


“Padma cares. What strikes me above all is her empathy, her kindness and her desire to push herself that extra mile to make you better no matter what that takes. She more than heals – she becomes your companion till you achieve your goals”

Kavita Srinivasan

Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Middle East, previous Editor in Chief at HELLO! Indo – Arabia

arab-lady“Padma truly stands out as a healer, life coach and therapist. She helped me move past a traumatic marriage and come out of it stronger, wiser and happier. A series of negative events kept spiralling in my life, between divorce and illness, I could see no light. I was consumed by anger and pain. Padma’s advise, daily exercises and meditation practice, transformed me and enabled me to encounter hardships without falling apart, or loosing myself. She simply makes things make sense, gives you the tools to achieve a given goal, and makes you want to be a better person!”

FA Middle East (private client)


“Padma is one of the wisest and well connected people I have ever met, yet is genuine, open and natural in all that she does. Using a wide range of techniques, she has guided and inspired me to expand my horizons, eliminate doubt and reach for my goals. With her “can do” philosophy, Padma has given me the tools, the confidence and the ability to become my best self. Whatever it is you want to change or achieve, I highly recommend Padma to help get you there.”

Cathy Johnson (www.cathyjohnsondesign.com) Founder and Owner of Cathy Johnson Design


“My work with Padma is transforming my life into the woman and softly powerful goddess I have always dreamed to be. Padma shines a light on myself to what emotional blocks have held me back, and gives me the tools to unblock myself and seize my power. For me this is priceless and the best work I have ever done with a coach. In 2 months my life is transforming before my eyes as I become day by day more sensual more joyful and live more in my higher self. Thank you Padma for everything you do from the bottom of my heart always and forever.”

Sara Simmonds (www.bespokeyourworld.com)

CEO and FOUNDER of Bespoke Your World


“Thank you for all that we have done so far and will do going forward. You literally saved me and pulled me from the dark. Thank you I am so strong and confident and so radiant – just brilliant.”

Marta Michalska (Private client)

Clipper Race Cross Atlantic Rower for UNICEF, Financial trader UK


“Padma is a hugely talented and knowledgeable practitioner. She knows exactly how to put a bespoke programme together and will guide you step by step to achieve well being and optimum health. It’s been a pleasure working with her.”

Margo Marrone (www.theorganicpharmacy.com)

Founder & Partner of The Organic Pharmacy


Along with my husband Ravi Shankar and daughter Anoushka, I have had the privilege to watch Padma work passionately in whatever she does for more than eighteen years. Her knowledge in meditation and spirituality is authentic and she works sincerely with an abundance of love for anyone who wants to transform themselves positively. Without hesitation I would recommend Padma’s work.”

Ravi Shankar & Sukanya Shankar (www.ravishankar.org)

World recognised and renowned titled Musician. Father of Singer Norah Jones & Artist Anoushka Shankar Wright


“Padma’s capacity to heal is very profound and impressive with very deep results. Things that I have struggled with for years have gone. She can work so deeply in a short space of time. I have tried all sorts of practitioners over 20 years and she has a special talent. I am so grateful. I would recommend Padma to anyone.”

Georgia Coleridge (www.georgiacoleridgehealing.com)

Author of children’s books & Healer


“Padma is an outstanding personal, professional coach and business advisor. With keen intellect, deep intuition and mindfulness, she focuses like a laser on the real issues at hand. I would recommend Padma to anyone who wants to solve issues fast, as she wastes no time in understanding the real problem.”

Rod Beckstrom (www.rodbeckstrom.com)

Author of Star fish and The Spider (award winning leadership & management book), high-tech serial entrepreneur, Ex-President of Stanford and former CEO and President of ICANN, Previously Director of the National Cyber Security Centre