How to manage the pain and pressure of so many different roles - Padma Coram
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How to manage the pain and pressure of so many different roles

How to manage the pain and pressure of so many different roles



I am a daughter, mother and a business owner, and so I know the pain and pressure that comes with having to juggle so many different worlds and lifestyles.

Being different things to different people can make us forget who we really are. It can spiral us into a space of stress and pain, and we can miss huge chunks of our lives without even realising it.

I have experienced this first-hand when I was travelling with alternative medicine expert, Deepak Chopra, in 1998. A series of incidents occurred that I didn’t think I could come back from. But I’ve learned now that everything happens for a reason. I learned how to join the dots. I learned how to analyse a situation and then evaluate.

I did it for myself, and now I can do it for others.

Most of the time we are so engrossed in our everyday living, we don’t even realise something is amiss. It’s like wearing a shoe that doesn’t fit quite right – it may feel a bit strange, but we get used to it. It’s only when we try on something more comfortable that we realise how much pain or discomfort we tolerated unnecessarily.

But sadly, unlike wearing the wrong shoe, having the wrong experiences have far wider consequences. Our actions can affect more than us: they can affect our loved ones, our businesses, our society and most of all ourselves for not being happy inside and out.

Whether we are a stay-at-home mum or a high profile figure in the public eye, we all have the same fears and worries. And so we all want the same thing: to have a happy and good life. It is how we go about doing this that is the key to either succeeding or not.

Once we figure out this magic code, it frees us and allows us to actually enjoy our lives rather than trudge through it . Rather than dodging bullets and coping with pain, we learn how to spot and and appreciate the joys of life.