Conquering ‘the Silent Shame’ - Padma Coram
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Conquering ‘the Silent Shame’

Conquering ‘the Silent Shame’

Alone in a crowd ... image was intentionally softened and colors muted to all but the alone person.


If you ask someone what they truly want out of life, a lot of people will say, ‘I want to be happy’.

But if you dig deeper and ask, ‘how does happiness look to you?’, people struggle to give a straight answer.

We have progressed so much in terms of technology and development, yet we don’t know how to engage with our neighbour for a quick chat when we need company or a friendly ear. And we’re unable to answer basic questions about ourselves and our wants.

I call this ‘the silent shame’, and it exists everywhere. It is the fear of telling your neighbours , employees when your personal life or company is in trouble. It is the anxiety around admitting to your partner that you aren’t happy in your relationship. It’s the stress that comes with trying to balance so many different aspects of your life and pretending or believing all is okay or you can handle it alone. It’s not wanting to ask for help and feeling ashamed if you need help.

It happens to each and everyone of us. And the problem is that we are duping ourselves. Instead, we need to start getting real within ourselves.
So how can we all avoid the silent shame?

The good news is it is absolutely possible. When we’re trained to think inside ourselves properly, we can learn how to admit and articulate the full truth about our lives.

And more than this, we can learn how to ask for help when we truly need it. It is therefore my aim to coach each and every person I work with to become comfortable with looking on the inside. My goal is to help each client of mine to look at themselves and learn how to act and react in each situation that they may come across, so that their silent shames can be conquered once and for all.