Work with me - Padma Coram
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I work with corporate and private clients both one to one, in person and/or virtually over Skype.


In person sessions take place in Belgravia, Mayfair or Harley Street.


I also lecture, speak, host in person/online workshops, run training within corporations and host local & international retreats.


Below is an outline of my most popular services. Bespoke packages are also available.



Simply meditation


Everybody has different obstacles in their lives, different aspirations and different ways of thinking. I want to ensure that each of my clients are able to realise their true potential, but in a way that they feel comfortable with.

Simply Meditation is a one-off, bespoke session created exclusively for you. I will work with you one-on-one to engage with a style of meditation suited to you, and form a mantra tailored to your own personal goals.

Inner alignment – 7 steps to Peace and Courage


Discover the real you, and reprogram areas of your

life to create peace, harmony and strength within.

Choose from one of two levels:

  • Expert: ‘Bespoke 7 Steps’ – for the experienced meditator

looking to target pressing problems and create lasting

and impactful solutions.

  • Beginner: ‘Bespoke 7 Steps’ – for the beginner looking

to kick-start their journey towards a more blissful and content life.

10 years younger


Beauty inside and out. Do you enjoy what you see in the mirror both inside and out? When you see your body do you feel joy? Or are you sometimes frustrated and fed up that everything that you’ve tried has not shifted your extra weight, or you don’t look as good or feel as vibrant as you want to? In this bespoke programme, I will walk through every single facet of your inner and outer appearance from beauty, exercise and nutrition to mindset and mentality.

Inner Rebranding


The question of who we truly are, and what we really want is one that plagues many of us. My inner personal branding work is about learning to live authentically, discovering your core values and beliefs, and sharing them with the world.

  • Personal Rebranding
  • Family Rebranding